Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Cutest Boy Pants Ever

I tried to get a good picture of Boo modeling his new pants, but just like a good two year old, he wasn't having it. This is the best I've got!

I am on a quest to make my son Boo's preschool wardrobe. I want him to have cute clothes, interesting clothes, comfortable clothes, well made clothes, clothes that allow him to run and play. I don't want him to have cheap clothes that will fall apart, clothes with logos on them, clothes that say "Daddy's Lil' Sport" or other goofy sayings. I want clothes in colors other than blue, green, brown, and black. Unfortunately, that sort of children's clothing is only available at posh boutiques that our current budget will not allow. Even if it did, I couldn't grasp spending that sort of money on clothes that would be outgrown so quickly at his age. 

I plan to do some shopping for him at Target for the basics like undies and socks and some shopping at our local Saver's (I LOVE THRIFT SHOPS!) for jeans and and a jacket but I have a list of about a dozen items that I want to sew myself to add some pop into his wardrobe and express his already vibrant almost-3-year-old style. He will be starting his very first day of school in just over a month so I'm sewing up a storm.

Front View

Rear View

My latest project is a pair of adorable little capri pants. I used a Burda Kids pattern from my stash, number 9793, view B. I had a remnant of grey cotton twill that I purchased at Joann's a long, long time ago that I wanted to use, but it was a tad too small to lay out the entire pattern on to. Never fear! I pulled out a fun two-tone grey cotton remnant from my stash and used that to make the rear patch pockets and to line the front pockets. Perfect!

The pants were quite easy to make. It was my first time using this Burda pattern, and like usual, those Germans can really write a pattern. It was simple and clear to follow with the exception of the fiddly bits at the fly. Luckily I have made a lot of pants in the past (Back in the day, I made 19 pairs of overalls in one week for Disney!) so it wasn't a problem to figure it out on my own. I still think these were quite easy.

Such Cute Contrast!

I really like the details on these. They are elastic waist pants but they have a fake fly so they look a little more polished. The elastic drawstrings at the bottom hems look sporty and fun on a little boy. My favorite it my my contrast pockets though. They take the pants from standard boy pants to stylish and different.

Drawstring Cuff Detail

Rear Pocket Detail

And what shall he wear with them? A stack of multi-colored tees! I made three tees and embellished them with fun appliques. I think they look great and will be fun to wear with his new grey capri pants.

Super Fun Tees!


  1. The shorts are so cute! (I love his modeling picture; aren't little kids the best!?) And I LOVE those shirts! They are the best colors for a boy!

    1. Thank you! Getting him to pose was about as productive as herding cats but it was really funny!