Sunday, July 17, 2011

Where Have I Been? Not Knitting...Until Now.

The past few weeks were a much needed break from all the crazy deadline knitting. The Fourth of July was great fun! We had family and friends over for a BBQ, went to the parade, saw the fireworks...little Boo even got to splash in a kiddie pool for the first time!

I found some time to play in my studio on non-knitting projects, including a fun little nautical romper for Boo:

Isn't it adorable?

I spent a lot of my time working on designs, submitting two for potential publication and swatching for a third. Some patterns were written and charts were formatted, yarn was sorted into piles and put away, leftovers were wound into neat balls and labeled. All in all, it was very productive...even if the only knitting I did manage to accomplish for myself got frogged. I was 2/3 of the way through a second sock before I realized it was on the wrong size needles. Oops. That project is now in a time out.

Currently I'm focused on two things knit-wise, and both are awesome. Firstly, my next to-be-published pattern, which will be out in time for holiday gift knitting, is currently on the sample needles. I've got three different colorways and sizes going and they are all gorgeous!

Secondly? Sock Summit of course! I will be on an airplane flying to Portland in less than two weeks! What socks do I wear? What socks do I bring? What socks do I bring to knit while I'm there? I'm working on my homework and getting a wish list together for the marketplace. I'm also, fingers crossed, going to have a great Handmade By Jaia totebag to stash all my new yarn in. I'm just so excited. I get to see old friends, meet new ones, take classes, fondle yarn, and talk knitting all day long. Could it be any better?