Friday, August 16, 2013

Complete! Coastal Cargo Sew-Along Was A Success!

The Coastal Cargo Sew-Along hosted by Melissa of Melly Sews was a complete success! I LOVE my finished pants.

  1. The pattern had clear directions and was easy to follow.
  2. The garment came together quickly.
  3. The garment has amazing details that add so much interest to both the sewing process and the finished product.
  4. My color combination and contrast fabric choice work together to make me so happy.

Things I'd Change Next Time? (And yes, there will be a next time and soonly!)

  1. I'd make the zipper fly differently, the way I was taught in college. The pattern pieces would be the same, just the order of construction would be different.
  2. I'd skip the contrast front pockets and only use the contrast for the front pocket lining. Design fail on my part, but I love the pants anway.
  3. I'd use a fabric with a tighter weave. The loose weave of the cotton I chose made the pants a little more fiddly to sew than a nice twill would have, so I'm planning twill for the next pair.

Ideas For My Next Pair?
  1. I'm jonesing for this elephant patterned twill that I saw online at I think it would make fantastic pants, especially with a contrast bias in a crazy color like lime green or day-glo orange.
  2. A cranberry colored twill with a rusty orange colored contrast bias.
  3. A navy blue twill with a fishy patterned contrast fabric for the cargo pockets and no bias seams. 

This pattern can be used so many ways - I'm really pleased!

Now for my next project, another pair of Burda pants, with a false fly and elastic waist. My little guy is potty training so easy-on pants are a must these days! They aren't as cute as the Coastal Cargos though, so I'll be making another pair of those next week!


  1. Love your fabric combo! These is a great pattern to keep around.

    1. Thank you! I totally agree, too. I plan to keep this pattern around and make many more pairs!

  2. They look great! I am debating getting that pattern to make pants for Henry this Fall, and your pants are putting me over the edge!

    1. Thank you and go for it! It's was a fun pattern to sew and the fact that you can make something for a little boy that is interesting and has cute fabrics in it is SO worth it. Isn't great to find fun clothes for little boys?