Saturday, August 3, 2013

Castles and Dragons Tee Shirt

Well, the third time WAS the charm!

The body of the tee shirt is a jersey knit printed with adorable castles and dragons that was reclaimed from a thrifted baby blanket I purchased at Savers for $2.00. The back of the blanket is a solid white jersey knit with a cool embroidered castle on it. I think it will be used as a pocket patch on a later tee shirt.

The sleeves were cut from an old navy blue polo shirt of mine that I only wore a few times. The shirt fit me all funny after I accidentally threw it in the dryer one day so I'm glad I was able to finally find a good use for it. I also used the navy blue fabric to bind the collar.

I think this time it all worked! I used Burda 9614 again, only this time with long sleeves. I thought the shirt would have greater visual appeal if the sleeves provided a greater contrast to the large expanse of white.

Boo loves his new shirt and I do too. It's been added to his back-to-school clothes pile (is it back-to school if it's the first day of preschool?) and he can't wait to wear it.

I can't wait to get back to Savers and hunt for more baby blankets. The prints are great, the price is right, and there is a LOT of fabric in each. I still have the whole back of the first blanket PLUS a very long piece of light blue knit binding that I saved when I took the blanket apart. I'm sure that will come in handy one day too.

My next project is up in the air. It's either a pair of  The Madeleine Mini Bloomers from Colette in a pink and brown stripe cotton for me or it's a pair of Number 9 Trousers from Shwin Designs in a grey twill from Boo's back-to-school pile. I've also got a baby shower to attend this weekend and I've got to whip something up as many ideas, so little time!

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