Thursday, August 15, 2013

Coastal Cargos Update

Well, I've spent the past few sewing sessions working on my Coastal Cargos and so far, so good.

First, I put in welt pockets and it was love at first sight. Then I attached the side pockets and those were super cute too.

Second, I put in the fly. That was one snafu after another, but the end result wasn't bad. I know what to do next time.

Third, I prepped my bias tape.

Fourth, I put in adorable side seams bound with my homemade bias tape. They came out fantastic and I love the way they encase the seams.

Lastly, I put on the cargo pockets. I lined them with the contrast cotton print. I'll get a picture of the insides soon but trust me - it was a good choice.

I'm really happy with these pants so far. I definitely want to make them again, soonly. I'd like a second crack at the fly to prove to myself that I can do it right on the first try. I'd also like to shuffle around where I put the contrast print for added pop to the pants. Either that, or I'm going to cave and buy the elephant print twill I'm craving and use that as the main fabric and a nice solid color contrast many ideas!

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