Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Project Quandries

Which came first, the project or the fabric? For me, it's usually the project that inspires the fabric choice. Hence, a major question this week.

I found two great fabrics at the thrift store. (Fabric Grab Bags for the win! More on that in another post...) What do I make with them?

The first is a great heavyweight upholstery fabric covered in really pretty fuchsia flowers and I have about 2/3 or a yard of it. I got the piece for $.99! I'm thinking a bag perhaps, but even so, what style? Hobo? Messenger? Clutch? Lunch tote? No idea...

The other great fabric find is a cotton print of knights, elves, wizards, and dwarves. It's a great bit of fantasy and perfect for a little boy. I've got close to a yard of it in three smaller cuts. Pajamas? The lining of a jacket? A bookbag?

I need ideas! Where do y'all go for inspiration when it comes to finding the perfect project for a great fabric find?

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