Friday, May 24, 2013

Rainy Day Inspiration

I love gardens in the rain. The greens are greener, the smells are fresher, and the leaves and petals shine with the droplets of water.

My garden looked particularly lovely today, which impressive because it's been abandoned for many years. The Mister is working hard to restore it to it's glory days when it was tended by my master gardener grandmother but it's a long haul and my black thumbs are no help. Even so, it managed to show beauty on this rainy day:

Lovely little purple blossoms.

The Mister is laying stones for a path through the garden.
 And of course, Boo had a wonderful time splashing in the puddles. Nothing makes a two year old happier...

His shoes are still drying...
 What do you love about the rain?

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