Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sock Summit Registration!!!

Today is Sock Summit Registration Day! I'm super excited that I'm able to attend again this year since it was an incredible experience in 2009. I met so many wonderful friends from Ravelry in person for the first time, learned a whole boatload of knitting skills, met some amazing knitting superstars, and of course, did some major stash enhancement.

After taking a full course load last time around and feeling over scheduled, I decided to try a different approach this year and limit my classes so that I can spend more time in the marketplace. I feel like I missed out on enough time shopping, watching the demos, and knitting with my friends. I will also have my son and husband with me this year and I'd rather be spending time with them too!

I've been pouring over the class listings all morning and I've narrowed it down to my two top choices and then two backups. Mostly, I've chosen the classes because I'm interested in the teachers themselves rather than the subject matter, though I find that interesting as well. Fingers crossed I get in! I'm also thinking about attending the Opening Ceremonies and what swag I want to order. Probably a beer glass and a few bumper stickers. I need to save my money for the marketplace.

In actual knitting news, I just finished the knitting the first half of a design sample that I'm so excited about. The yarn that was chosen is absolutely gorgeous and shows off the pattern better than I could have hoped. I can not wait to share this! Additionally, my Bryn socks are coming along nicely. I'm expecting to finish the first sock today. Hopefully the sun will come out so I can photograph it for sharing.

I'm off to go knit and wait for registration to begin. I can't wait to find out what classes I get into!

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