Friday, May 6, 2011

Sock Summit Success!

I am a very happy sock knitter. Sock Summit 2011 registration went off without a hitch and I'm now an official Sock Summit Student!

What is my schedule?

  • Making the Next Monkey - Amy Singer
  • Kids' Socks - Sandi Rosner
  • Knit Happy: The Psychology of Color in Knitting - Sharon McMahon
  • Darn It! - Merike Saarniit

I also have a ticket to the Opening Night Reception. I really enjoyed all the speeches at the reception last time, so I thought it would be fun to go again. I only got a single ticket though - my husband and son would not enjoy the event so I thought I'd be a nice wife and mom and let them hang out in the hotel and swim or order a pizza. They will be dragged around to enough knitting events that weekend without it!

Now, the real fun begins! What do I knit to bring with me to wear? What projects should I bring? What shoes should I wear to show off my socks? Can I find a knitting tee shirt small enough for my son, in a 12 month size? Can I convince my husband to wear a knitting tee shirt? Should I make a Handmade By Jaia tee shirt? How little can I pack so that I have more room to bring home yarn? (I bought 32 skeins last time, plus 6 balls of roving, 2 drop spindles, 4 books, and some buttons, plus I had my official swag.)

Sock Summit 2009 Yarn and Fiber Haul!

Oh, and speaking of swag, this year I kept it to a Sock Summit pin, a few bumper stickers, and a pub glass. Last time I got a tee shirt but it fits all funny so I never wear it. I might make it into a tote bag to carry around the marketplace though...

My family is also planning to make a whole vacation out of the trip - in addition to the time spent in Portland, we plan to spend a few days visiting Seattle, my husband's old stomping grounds. I've never spent any time there beyond the airport but I know a lot of knitters in the area and I hear they have some great yarn shops! I'm looking forward to exploring both cities. My only previous explorations in Portland were the yarn shops, the Japanese Gardens, and Sur La Table. Any hints on where to go this time in Portland and/or Seattle?

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