Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Boo! And More Pants...

Guess who turned three on Saturday?! We had a wonderful family party for him and a fantastic day together. He ran around the house yelling, "I'm so happy!", so I think it was a success. 

Since my Boo is starting preschool on Monday while deep in the trenches of potty training, more elastic waist pull-on pants have been on my sewing agenda. Look at this adorable little pair:

I made the pants out of a repurposed thrift store pillowcase and used scraps for the contrast. All told, these pants cost me $.50!

The rear view is nice with patch pockets.

Boo loves cargo pockets because his toys fit in there.

I love how the contrast lining peeks out like piping.

All in all, another successful pair.

I'm currently working on a pair of cranberry pants in the same pattern and then I want to hunt down some pants fabrics in navy blue, khaki, and maybe a purple. That should cover all my bases and give a good selection of neutrals and brights.

After the school pants, I think it's time to focus on sewing for me (I want to sew my way through Cal Patch's book Design It Yourself Clothes) and FINALLY getting back to designing children's wear. Boo is starting preschool on Monday which means I have 3 glorious hours to sew everyday. I plan to work really hard on my business and finally get it off the ground. Stay tuned for sneak peeks!

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