Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Today is thrift store day. About twice a month, Boo and I spend an afternoon trolling the racks at our local Saver's. He loves to pick out "tchotchkees" and books and can spend hours sitting in my shopping cart playing with old toys even when he knows we won't be buying them. I love to look for vintage linens, handmade quilts and afghans, fun shoes for sock photo shoots, vintage pyrex for my sister's collection, and bags of cast-off craft supplies. I also tend to look for funny tee shirts for Boo, cool jewelry and handbags for me, sweaters for The Mister, and oddles of clothes all around.

It's a treasure trove of goodness the size of a supermarket and I love

Today's list of items that I'm actually looking for includes:
  • Small shelving for my craft-studio-in-progress*
  • Cork boards
  • Picture frames, hopefully with mats
  • Picnic basket
  • China and/or crystal plates and bowls for a styling a photo shoot next week
This week we will be joined by my 17 year old niece, an adorable style maven. She is barely 5 feet tall with a perfect teenaged figure and she LOVES fashion. That means that she is a dream come true to play dress up with. She'll try on anything! She's never really thrifted before today but I think she'll take to it. I showed her some of the famous designer made garments that I've found (Michael Kors blouse, Rag and Bone jeans) and she was intrigued. I also pointed out that she could get some of her favorite brands for up to 90% off retail and she was sold. Hopefully I can steer her to some J.Crew, Banana Republic, and the like as opposed to Old Navy and Aeropostale. Fingers crossed!

Stay tuned! I'll do a recap later today and post the find goodies that we unearth!

*Craft Studio In Progress - Later in the week I'll post on this, but I'm back to putting together my studio! Boy is it a wreck but it should be functional in about a week. As for being pretty and attractive, well, hopefully by Thanksgiving...

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