Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thrifting Recap

Thrifting was a ton of fun yesterday, but not quite a smashing success. My niece managed to score a great haul by finding 2 band tee shirts, a lace blouse, a brand new "Pink" hoodie, and a black tank top, all for $22. I was not having the same luck. It was a combination of nothing really speaking to me and Boo having a toddler tantrum.

Why was he having a tantrum? Because he is two and he found the toy to end all toys in Savers. And he wanted it. He found a Corvette that was "Boo sized", as he put it. I have to be honest. I was tempted. It worked. It was only $19.99. It was adorable. I kind of wanted it myself. It was the sort of thing that every kids yearns for and most parents can't afford. It was sitting right on front of us, and I wanted to buy it too.

Sadly, reason kicked in and we had to walk away. First of all, it was too big for my car. Second, we had no place to drive it. We live on a busy side street and our driveway is short and sloped. Third, money is tight this month and the car was just unnecessary. I'm keeping my eyes peeled though. If I see another one, reason may not win.

As for my own finds, I got a great tin. That was a fun find. It was .99 and in great condition. It's going into my studio to store buttons.

 I also found a gorgeous Tuscan platter with a great floral design in some really bold colors. I didn't purchase it because it was cracked but I made sure to get a lot of photos to add to my inspiration boards. I'd love to make this into a fabric!

That's it for this trip. Hopefully we'll make it back again on Friday for a second round. We only made it through half the store!

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