Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Lovely Satchel

Last week my "gym bag" sprung a leak. And by "gym bag", I mean a reusable grocery store tote bag from Shaw's. A giant hole ripped into the side of it and things would fall out in a trail behind me as I left the locker room. I was annoyed about having to go to the store and replace it. Then I remembered that I sew. Isn't is a great looking bag?

I found a fantastic old pattern in my stash for this giant gaudy beach bag - so I stripped off all the trim and glitz to make it perfect for the gym. I also used a gorgeous piece of decorator fabric that had been in my stash for at least 10 years. I was saving it for "something special" which we all do when we have a piece that we treasure. Well, what better use than a gym bag that I haul around Every Day? I'll get to see it all the time!

The fabric is a pastoral French print with a young woman and lots of flowers and swirls. I love it.

It's way too fancy for the gym and it's way too fancy for the bag I made it into but I love it anyway. It makes a day at gym a little more glamorous. And don't you love the way the swirls and the notched top lined up so nicely?

I lined the bag with a simple blue cotton, stitched in a pocket and a (wonky) label, and called it wonderful.

As for that wonky label...I really need to figure out a way to make labels for my garments and accessories that look neater. I know I should just get some professionally made with my logo but that's out of the budget for now. Until then, I'm going to experiment with cotton tape and permanent ink stamping, I think. This is getting ridiculous. I need labels as well crafted as my goods.

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