Thursday, May 31, 2012


I'm currently working on my first ever Camp Loopy challenge! Each month for three months, we are set challenges to work up in yarn. If we complete all three challenges in the time period, we get glory and prizes!!!

Challenge one is to knit a 400+ yard project designed by a knitter from a foreign country. I chose to knit with Dream In Color Starry in Grey Tabby (IT SPARKLES!!!). 

At first, my plan was to knit Earl Grey by The Yarn Harlot, but the yarn whispered to me and told me that the cable would be lost in the sparkle. I listen when the yarn speaks so Earl Grey went back into the queue. 

What a lovely little cable! I still want to knit these very much!!!

I looked into UK designers since it's my favorite place on the planet and I found a gorgeous sock to attempt - Vorticity by Alice Yu of Socktopus. It's got undulations that I thought would really make the sparkles dance around the sock. Sadly, that was a disaster! All the errata in the world wasn't helping that pattern. I tried four different times and none of them worked so I had to give into frustration and frog it.

What did I finally settle on? An old standby from one of my favorite Canadian designers - Spillyjane. I decided to knit her Mokira pattern, a simple pattern with a wheat-ear like lace motif in it. It's a great match for the yarn. I'm just completed with my first repeat of the pattern and it's showing off the sparkles just like I hoped it would. The lace is subtle so it's not lost in the sparkle, it just breaks up the flow here and there with a flash of skin. Perfect. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the pattern!

Spillyjane's Mokira. Isn't it a lovely pattern?!

I've got about 3.5 weeks to complete the pair of socks and post them to the Camp Loopy boards if they are to count towards completing the challenges. Can I do it? Well, I'm almost done with my current batch of publication work and the next batch won't start till at least July...I have high hopes!!!

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