Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm A Spinner

 This is my new spinning wheel, a Kromski Minstrel. I love it. It was a birthday present from my husband who drove me to Webs in the middle of a snowstorm (two and a half hours away) so that he could surprise me with it. I love him too.

 This is my first yarn. It's a mohair/merino blend and I practiced both drafting and plying and it's what I wound up with. It's a tiny little nugget but it hooked me. Wow. I love spinning. I need to thank Lucy at Mind's Eye Yarn in Cambridge for teaching me so much during my private spinning lesson. I will recommend her to anyone looking to expand their spinning skill set - she is a font of knowledge!

I've started to work with a brightly colored roving, just to see what it can do. I've chosen this 100% superwash merino in Seriously Citrus from Mad Color Fiber Arts. Isn't it crazy bright and so much fun?

You can see it on yarn on Ravelry here.

So far, I've got about a half of a bobbin full. I've decided to spin it up in colored sections - green, yellow, orange, pink, repeat. I figure I'll spin two bobbins filled with singles and then ply them together and see what happens. I hope that some sections of the final yarn will be solid colors and other sections will be marled. I can't wait to see though - it's an experiment.

Are you a spinner? What fiber dyers can you suggest? I'm looking for some fun colored superwash fibers to play with!


  1. I'm jealous. My mother in law is a spinner and we've been chatting for years about getting me started. Now I can live vicariously through you until I find the time and the space to add something else to my studio. i wish I knit more sometimes. Oh well, Max is calling.... So much for naptime today!

    1. Janie, I have wanted a spinning wheel for a while now (especially after going to Rhinebeck last year!) but I knew I had no time or space to devote to it. I was NOT planning on getting one any time soon! I am thrilled with Mark for getting it, but wow is it a time sink! It's super fun though and making yarn is awesome. I hope you find the time and space soon!!!