Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Little Bit of Happy

Rainbow Kaiso
I finished my Rainbow Kaiso and wow, they are almost too much! I had a bit of doubt when the first sock was done - I wasn't sure if I was getting the look I'd hoped for. Perhaps it was looking a bit clown like? I asked my husband for his opinion and he suggested mixing up the stripes on the second sock as a way to improve them. After I looked at him like he was crazy, I realized he was right! I cast on the second sock and here are the results. The pair look insane but so much fun. I put them on right away - they made my feet smile.

In design news, I've started work on a new project. I've long been enamored with the work of Heather, the dyer behind Mad Color Fiber Arts (formerly Sereknity Yarn and Fiber). She has some of the most saturated colorways I've ever seen and her bases are a joy to knit with. She gave me a pile of her yarns to play with and I've created a new design inspired by her rich palette.

Purple People Eater on Verity
I find that I often want to knit socks with a deeply saturated semi-solid yarn but find that any patterning winds up getting lost. It's often a struggle to find patterns with any sort of interesting stitch patterns that work with such colorways. Taking that as my challenge, I've worked up a new design that does a fantastic job of showcasing a colorway while adding enough of a pattern to keep with sock interesting - both visually and while you knit away! I'm happily knitting away on a sample pair to share with you but in the meantime you'll have to settle for a teaser of the wonderful colorway I'm working with.

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