Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Birthday Party Fun

My scrapbook paper banner!

The wrapping paper was more fun than the presents
Boo's First Birthday Party was an official success! I wish I got better photos but there was so much going on. Hopefully I'll get more at his family birthday party this week.

A fun time was had by all. There were lots of little babies and small children running around to make everyone smile and a few extra grandmas to give out hugs.

A small selection of the birthday treats.
We all ate like kings! Boo's daddy dug a giant BBQ in the back and spent the afternoon grilling burgers and hot dogs and kielbasas. There were oodles of different types of chips and dips, a whole assortment of small cookies and crackers for the wee ones, and of course, desserts. I made the birthday cake, Dutch Cocoa cupcakes, Bourbon Vanilla cupcakes, Dutch Cocoa cookies, Sugar cookies, Bandy Soaked Cinnamon Apple Spice Cake, Candy Covered Raspberry Cake Truffles, and Lemon Iced Raspberry Thumbprints. We also had some generous folk bring along even more desserts, including a carrot walnut tea loaf and my grandmother's famous Sour Cream Coffee Cake. Oh, and there was ice cream too - French Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Rum Raisin, plus sprinkles and cones for the kids. YUM! I'll be eating sweets for weeks...especially since I still need to bake my husband's traditional family birthday cake for Boo to celebrate his actual birthday with. I might need new pants after all this...

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